If you’re coming here on holiday without a doubt most of your planning had been done via the company you booked your flight by using these as the hotel. Also be aware most major resorts will offer a shuttle service and frequently at little or no cost. That is something will instantly save a little money when arriving as the taxi drivers are generally seeking to make two or even three times the standard amount which is why its strongly advised to always request the meter to get placed on when entering a taxi cab and leave whenever they refuse. Also a good tip is usually to go across the road at Mactan airport or higher the ramp as you will appear with the departure area along with the taxis are less likely to provide you with problems purely because they’re searching for rides returning to the City. If its shortly before bedtime you might tip the trucker but generally I only tip if they don’t obtain extra.

If your not pre-booked into accommodation and searching for something much more long lasting but know people like myself in the area we are able to help find which you better deal as often the rents is going to be hiked around the understanding of you like a foreigner. Prime example could be the rent I pay that is P3,000 a month for a 1 bedroom apartment where someone else is likely to be charged around P7,000 upwards for any similar type and size building as well as bills. The other benefit from asking people like myself is that we are able to often locate areas which are more suited to Expats as they are usually areas having an existing Expat population.

What areas are best to prevent in for the trip to Cebu? Personally whether its a vacation I would check out get accommodation on Mactan island because of its amount of hotels and resorts in addition to facilities catering for that tourism market including diving, island hopping and customarily quality beaches. Cebu city itself is under twenty minutes ride away providing you immediate access towards the large malls in Cebu or Colon market which can be famous due to the bargains as well as an ideal location to pickup souvenirs a good deal less than you will discover elsewhere. Colon street now offers several guitar stores for hand-crafted guitars who also produce ornate mirrors.

Touring the region is usually something many don’t do but would recommend at the very least a couple of days of a trip here to travel towards the more beautiful elements of the island since the further you go out the greener and cleaner the countryside becomes. It also gives possibility to experience diving, waterfalls, beaches and local life. Getting around doesn’t have to be so expensive and I will help organised vehicles for such trips which are usually fixed prices to the day and the hire of the vehicle with driver. This allows you to travel around with no worry of being lost or trying to deal with the hectic traffic that exists all over the Philippines.

One of the biggest factors many individuals over look though is “money” there’s no need to put it back abroad it really is a lot cheaper to get it done inside the Philippines. As well because the fact Western money includes a larger currency value so larger bills in the home currency means less overall mass in support of the need to change money whenever you really need it. There are money changers just about everywhere, steer clear of the ones in the airport and employ those in good locations such since the malls but booking rates as they possibly can vary considerably. If you get a new sim for the phone and let your regular changer know they will often update you by text or phone you over a traditional phone with the latest prices.

Do not carry too much jewelry or expensive items as currently we have been experiencing a better than usual variety of snatches. Believe it or not someone will grab a series from your neck and disappear into the crowd quicker than you can look at them. Also carrying personal items that could make you jump out will make you a more obvious probability of robbery. Generally I find Cebu a safe place but similar to most issues you don’t want to invite risk if it may be avoided. The general population are friendly and glad to help you but like all society there’s always some bad elements.