Jim Corbett a National Park the oldest park of India covering about 520.8 sq. Km area as buffer zone is a home of various endangered species of flora and fauna, ideal temperature condition and favorable geographical location the park contain 55 species of mammals, more than 500 species of birds, 200 species of tree and shrubs, approx 75 species of reptiles including king cobra. Thus having abundant of wildlife Corbett is a world-famous destination for wild life lover, researcher, birds watchers. Seeing this favorable condition for tiger Indian government launch Project Tiger in 1972 to protect and increase the number of Bengal tigers now there are more than 200 of tiger which one-fourth of total population of tigers in world.

There are four or zone in Corbett, according to choice and availability visitors can pick to explore the park To exploring these rich wild life including roaring tiger and grazing elephants Jeep safari is a best & secure way for visitors.

Bijrani Zone Jeep SafariOne kilometer drive from Aam danda entrance gate visitor enters into Bijrani zone, it is very popular zone among tourists, you can also choose elephant safari from here. This zone is famous for tigers, elephants, Deer’s, Sambhar etc. Only 30 jeeps allowed in morning and 30 in afternoon session in a day.

Jhirna Zone Jeep SafariJust 16 km from Ramnagar this range is very beautiful and known for wild bear. Basicaly Jhirna range is an open grass land a visitor can easily see tigers and Deers. It zone stay open in rainy seasons also. Only 30 jeep allowed in one session like Bijrani.

Durgadevi Zone Jeep SafariAbout 28 km from Ramnagar at the bank of river Ramganga, area cover mostly hill part of park. Aquatic animals like crocodile, Ghariyal, tortoise, fishes are prime attractions of this zone. Angling of Mahasheer in Ramganga is another attraction. En route you can also visit Dhangarhi museum. Only 30 jeeps allowed in one session like Bijrani.

Sitabani Zone Jeep SafariActually this zone not comes under tiger reserve area, associated with epic Ramayana according mythology Sita the consort of lord Rama spent her life after exile from Ajodhya. In deep forest an ancient temple and ashram of sage Valmiki located here care under Archeological survey of India. Sitabani is a paradise for bird watchers. Besides birds visitors can see tiger, Deer, Elephant, Sambhar, Barking deer, cobra & King cobra rare species. This zone of park remains open throughout the year, with no limit of vehicle entering. To visiting this area visitors have to take permission from forest department not Corbett park authority.

Dhikala Range Open Bus SafariOne of the most popular zones at side of Patli Dun valley from where Ramganga flows in various channels. The zone offers a panoramic view of valley and a 100 meter high watch tower give an imposing view of birds and animals. Tourist complex Dhikala chaur and Phulai chaur (largest grassland) offer a view of elephants, Deer, wild boar, tigers, birds and reptiles. This canter safari operated by only project tiger’s authority from 15 Nov To 15 June.

Canter Safari TimingMorning- from 6 am to 11 am.Evening- from 11 am to 4 pm.

Elephant Safari In CorbettThe visitors want to see these wild life closely elephant safari is best option for them. A sightseeing of jungle on back of elephant gives a unique experience to riders. Sometime elephant safari give such amazing moment’s jeep safari can’t.

Elephant Safari Timing by AuthorityMorning- from 6 am to 8 amEvening- from 3 pm to 5 pm.

Nature HikingIt is the best way to explore the forest closely, with opportunity to feel villages and their interaction with forest. Nature hiking allow at only few places of park.

Thus according your need, travel timing you can choose a mode of safari to visit a zone of national park.