I never pictured myself living on the beachfront of your beautiful island (Camiguin, Philippines) while owning and owning a small resort. Only God knows how many mistakes I’m making, but listed here are ten things I do know for sure.

1. The natural inhabitants are excellent people, and they are lots of the foreigners. But some with the white wanderers behave as should they own the region along with their armpits don’t stink (they most assuredly do). Some live here, yet don’t appear to have jobs. It must be nice to get rich.

2. When it comes to hotel reviews, presentation outweighs substance and friendliness trumps perfection. It seems that experiences can be simply forgotten, even though the perception of these experiences ain’t going nowhere.

3. The laid back island attitude is wonderful for the standard of life but not so excellent for capital formation. Also, things take too much time to complete, and that’s why type-a individuals are more satisfied in Las Vegas or Dubai.

4. The city of Mambajao should never be wrongly identified as Manhattan. (N.Y. or Kansas) It’s not self-conscious. It’s purpose isn’t to thrill viewers; it’s to accomplish the reason for its citizens.

5. Verbal room reservations are slightly less reliable than “I love you’s” coming from a horny drunk.

6. There is a chasm between my food tastes and people with the locals. And the markets seem keen on pleasing the latter and not so much interested in pleasing the first kind. How can civilized people prefer fish to Hamburgers and mangoes to chocolate chip cookies. Am I crazy here?

7. Whenever a cock crows (that is about every three seconds) I feel like I just betrayed Jesus.

8. Pale, white skin is repugnant. In the states you do not notice it, but (like litter in Osaka) here you notice it. Cover up already. And I include myself on this. I promise not to leave the house in anything only a full body suit.

9. One from the most underrated activities to do in Camiguin is diving one of the corals near White Island. The water’s so clear and the colors with the fish are astounding. It’s like you have the middle of an National Geographic movie, except that it’s more clear and colorful. I would have enjoyed it more but I thought I spotted a sea snake.

10. I hope I never stop learning and I know I’ll never stop enjoying Camiguin and the resort business.