Boracay has become internationally named one of the better beaches on the globe. Powdery white sands and crystal clear blue waters are two of the functions that make it essentially the most prominent destination within the Philippines. Located inside Visayas region, Boracay is a component in the province of Aklan, best known because of its colorful Ati-Atihan Festival.

Beachcombing and Swimming in the White Beach of Boracay
There are two major beaches inside island that are buzzing with tourism activities: White Beach and Bulabog Beach. The 4km-long White Beach is probably the most popular put in place Boracay. It may serve as the island’s commercial center which is where most visitors congregate.

White Beach is divided into primary boat stations-Station 1, 2, and 3-which can be used as reference for the location of resorts, hotels as well as other establishments. All the high-end and mid-range accommodations are situated in Station 1. It has the best sand within the island, which is also where the famous and well-photographed volcanic formation called Willy’s Rock is found.

Station 2 with the center of White Beach is the place most in the action is. Most of the bars and finest restaurants are here. Travelers who would like to stay towards the party scene want to remain in the therapy lamp. The island’s only local mall -D’Mall – is Station Two, and tourists will find anything inside store from souvenirs to kinky underwear. Station 3, meanwhile, is good for people who are after budget accommodations plus a quiet time to relax.

Bulabog Beach, on the other hand, is often a popular area outdoor sports like kite boarding and windsurfing.
Scuba Diving, Paraw Sailing, Island Hopping, and Helmet Diving in Boracay

Aside from swimming, Boracay also provides plenty of choices in terms of aquatic events. Scuba diving is extremely popular, and there are many dive shops that provide both introductory diving and open water courses. With 30 dive sites across the island, both beginners and expert divers may have a great deal of options to pick from.

Sailing round the island in a paraw can also be a popular choice for most visitors. A paraw is often a single-hulled boat made from wood and bamboo. One can be rented to go throughout the island, and even for island-hopping and snorkeling. These small boats are safe and sturdy, and may go at high speeds over a windy day.

One also can go helmet diving in Boracay. Also called reef walking, it’s unique to this tropical isle, allowing a person to dive into deep waters and walk for the seafloor. Instead of a diving tank employed in diving, one wears a helmet using a long hose connected to an oxygen tank in the boat.

Other Things to Do in Boracay
For people who want something different, Boracay has five cliff diving sites in Ariel’s Point, located in the fishing village of Buruanga. Those planning to go on the moderate trek can choose Boracay’s highest peak, Mt. Luho. Also located in its vicinity can be a wildlife reserve. Tricycles or All-Terrain Vehicles can also be rented to get towards the jump-off.

Food tripping could also be done inside island. There is really a range of local and international cuisines, with fresh seafood as the specialty. There are Spanish, Mexican, and Greek restaurants, amongst others, and also a restaurant or two for the health conscious.

Best Time to Go to Boracay
The best time for you to go is throughout the off-peak season, from June to September/October. It is often a bit windy of these months, high is moderate to heavy rainfall. With this weather, there are lesser visitors arriving at the area and several accommodations and services can be had for affordable prices.

Peak season is from October to May, seen as an a lot of tourists and pricier accommodations. The most populous time is during long public holidays like Christmas, New Year along with the Holy Week. Some resorts charge higher and bookings should be made in advance to be sure a hassle-free vacation.

With a wide range of activity options providing you with convenience to travelers, Boracay can be a haven not simply for beach lovers also for those who can appreciate the grandeur of nature that surrounds this tropical isle. Boracay is not just a destination but an amazing experience to be enjoyed.

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