If you are looking at having a stop by at Southeast Asia and they are considering stopping over inside Philippines, you have probably decided to make Manila or perhaps Cebu City your home base if you are there. The city life within the Philippines is extraordinary then one that will surprise you when you get there. But one place that you absolutely should not miss when you find yourself the Philippines may be the Banaue rice terraces.

Getting towards the Banaue rice terraces could be a bit trying sometimes, however the trip is usually worthwhile. Located 150 miles north of Manila, about the island of Luzon, public transit ride may take more than a number of hours on some fairly bumpy roads. But, when you arrive at Banaue, you may begin to see why you came. The Banaue rice terraces are considered by many being the eighth wonder worldwide, like a human engineering feat.

The rice terraces are literally carved beyond a mountain, creating farmable land away from that which was once only hard rock. The Ifugao people created this incredible construction between 2,000 and 6,000 years ago in order to feed their people. By creating their particular farm land, we were holding able to sustain their tribe, while remaining protected inside valley from invaders.

The Banaue rice terraces certainly are a little difficult to arrive at, and once you are there, the environment are not particularly luxurious, but the trip will probably be worth it. The sight of the larger steps of gardens climbing the mountains is outstanding and nothing like what you will see in the rest of the Philippines. Just be well prepared to have your hiking boots on and become willing to do some serious climbing in order to get the most enjoyment from this visit.