The beautiful island of Boracay, celebrated for its gorgeous pristine beaches, clear blue water and awe-inspiring view, never ceases to charm tourists. Offering lots of activities to visitors from all around the world, this tropical paradise is actually a quiet place of beauty and adventure. And if there exists one activity that a lot of people enjoy inside their Boracay outdoor travel, it really is snorkeling at Crocodile Island.

Located twenty minutes from the White Beach, Crocodile Island is a small uninhabited island at the southern portion of Boracay. Many diving enthusiasts ponder over it among the best dive points inside island. Seeing it from afar, Crocodile Island gets the appearance of the head of the crocodile. Upon setting foot in the island, there is no doubt to experience all its wonders as divers of most levels will like checking out the underwater life here. One should observe special care and attention, though, as currents can be strong at times. Nevertheless, a diving or snorkeling trip at Crocodile Island is a real life adventure that anyone who wants excitement can’t possibly miss.

Crocodile Island enjoys an unspoiled and abundant marine life. Snorkeling this is going to be worth your time and efforts. The area is merely full of underwater activity. A snorkeling expedition within the area will give you the chance to view a breath-taking number of corals plus a wide selection of fish. Gorgonian fan corals, nudibranch, lion fish, scorpion fish, cuttle fish, moray eels, sea snakes, and much more abound the waters of Crocodile Island. Nature is really in the office on this place. Be thrilled by the experience of swimming alongside various types of fish that come in different colors, shapes and sizes. You can even be able to feed them. Among the enchanting views you will like while underwater are colorful and magnificent creatures like orange and purple fish, yellow fins, and also other fishes of wonderful hues and colors.

The beautiful corals on the ocean bed enhance the exhilarating example of snorkeling at Crocodile Island. Be mesmerized with this spectacular underwater view since the superior waters in the area are one in the clearest in the world, so that it is perfect for snorkeling. Don’t forget your underwater camera which means you could capture pretty much everything astonishing view.

If you have an interest, many Boracay resorts can arrange a tropical hopping tour or possibly a diving trip to suit your needs as their guest. Alternatively, you may want to go directly and schedule a trip with any diving facilities located inside island. There, professional divers tend to be than willing to offer their assistance. If you are going to avail an island tour package, equipments and life vest is going to be provided for you. As one with the island hopping activities, many Boracay packages include snorkeling at Crocodile Island. This, as well as a trip to the Crystal Cove Island, would cost around 600 PhP per person even if this rate is negotiable.

Many visiting tourists couldn’t resist the inviting possibility to explore the pristine waters and exciting aquatic life of Crocodile Island in Boracay, and thinking about? So while in residing in any Boracay resort, don’t fail to take some time and experience a truly amazing and wonderful adventure. Include snorkeling at Crocodile Island as one of your planned activity to spotlight your stay within this beautiful paradise.

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