One of the first three roads ever constructed in Singapore, North Bridge Road plays a strong historical significance in addition to being a popular tourist destination. A host of attractions are located on this prominent road that ensures a walk down North Bridge Road is a memorable one.

Strolling down North Bridge Road will eventually lead visitors to St. Andrews Cathedral which is a magnificent structure. From the outside the cathedrals white profile and imposing spires definitely catch the attention of onlookers. But from the inside the structure presents even sights with its elegantly furnished interiors and lovingly crafted hall.

Also to be found here are various colonial structures harking back to Singapore?s past under British rule. This includes the Supreme Court, City Hall and the Asian Civilizations Museum. The first two are important civic buildings that present an impressive offering of architecture that is imposing and grand in nature. Visitors are free to enter Parliament House and see its interiors as well. The Asian Civilizations museum is as its name implies a museum dedicated to showcasing the history of a range of Asian Civilizations through various artefacts and writings.

The sense of a different time period that is conveyed in this area is somewhat awe inspiring and truly helps visitors understand what life back then must have been like. The experience can be likened to taking a step back in time which is somewhat unique in nature.

Other sites that visitors will see include the statue of legendary figure Sir Stamford Raffles which is said to stand on the very spot he landed on Singapore.

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