Oscar Wilde famously declared that, “Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life”. He might well have been speaking of the latest innovation to burst onto London’s art events scene; the world’s first foray into arts club hotels.

London has long been an inspirational hub for arts of all disciplines; from music, to literature and visual arts, the city is a thriving center of cultural activity and excellence. However, the search for events in London can, too often, feel like seeking the holy grail. Whilst the city is home to some of the worlds best arts events, there’s a lot of rubbish out there too.

Even if you live in the midst of the creative buzz of London, there’s often a sense that something a little more cutting edge, exciting or exclusive might be going on right next door to you. For those who’ve splashed out on a hotel for a well-earned getaway, this can feel even more frustrating leaving a nagging doubt that, even armed with an up-to-date London travel guide, so much more is going on out there. If only you knew how to be in the right place, at the right time without being a friend of Ms. Moss, Beckham or Osbourne. Wouldn’t it be great to sip champagne backstage during London fashion week, without an editorial career at Vogue What if you’d heard that band who were a sensation on YouTube, before they hit the daily playlist on Radio One. Have you ever wished that you’d heard an up and coming member of the literati read from their latest novel, before Richard and Judy got hold of it.

With the launch of the Concierge Club hotels, accessing this side of creative London is now possible for mere mortals. The opportunity to stay in the sumptuous surroundings of contemporary hotels London, soak up the ambience and keep a finger right on the pulse of the latest arts events has become a valid proposition. Artistic movers and shakers are no longer so elusive; in fact, they’ll come to you, in the comfort of your hotel. Or, you’ll be given the secret to the hottest new show or party along with your room number.

The plan is (as always with great ideas) beautifully simple to create hotels that are a playground and showcase for artistic creativity. Rather than displaying artwork, get the artist involved in the whole hotel design. Who needs second-rate cabaret singers or a piano bar, when the hotel could host cutting edge gigs. Forget slipping a back hander to the concierge for a party hot tip, why not include year round access to exclusive events as part and parcel of the overall hotel experience. Everyone’s a winner. Guests enjoy immersion into the cultural vibrancy that epitomizes London, whilst creative talents and arts agencies get a wider arena and audience.

An arts club hotel means that you get to choose style and substance together. Move over boutique and five star, with a new concept in hotels, creative London just got more creative. Life, it seems, now really does imitate art.