Heavenly turquoise blue waters, lush tropical islands and Robinson Crusoe type isolation ? these are just some of the images that come to mind when we think about travelling to the Maldives. In this book you?ll discover a new world altogether ? a beautiful world beyond the imagination of most people. A world where you can be one of a small handful of people that have an island all to themselves. This world is called The Maldives. And this book will tell you everything you need to know about these tiny palm-fringed islands.

Location Of The Maldives
The Maldives are a group of tiny islands that are set in the Indian Ocean ? the closest countries to the Maldives are India and Sri Lanka. There are approximately 1200 separate islands in the Maldives and only about one sixth of these are populated. The capital of the Maldives is Male ? the most densely inhabited island. But while Male, it seems, is simply bursting from the seams, there certainly are no space problems on the other islands. Male holds about a third of the Maldivian population while the remaining are scattered around various other islands.

A Brief History Of The Maldives
While there are no certain facts it is estimated that the Maldives have been populated as early as 1500 BC, most likely explorers from India and Sri Lanaka (Ceylon). During 1152 there was a conversion to islam although there was a brief period from 1558 to 1573 when the Maldives was taken over and ruled by the Portugese. The islands were also under the rule of the British in 1887. In 1965 the Maldives regained its independent status.