The gorgeous beaches, clear waters, scenery, tropical climate, and first-rate accommodations in Boracay Island a few of the causes that make this place probably the most visited holidaymaker destinations in Asia.
If you are planning to visit Boracay the first time, keep in mind these few reminders and methods for a safe and fun holiday experience.

Book your airline and hotel reservation beforehand.
This is essential. Many tourists spend their holidays on the island year-round. Secure airline tickets along with a hotel in Boracay months before your desired travel dates. This gives you enough time for you to search for better offers, promos, and most of all to prevent the peak season rush and high rates that include it.

Pack smart. Pack light.
Don’t pack like you will spend monthly for the island. Bring the main beach items for example t-shirts, underwear, flip-flops, swimwear, as well as your sunblock. Travel light so that it will not be hard for that you explore the island and also in order to avoid wasting time on security inspection and money on fees for excess baggage.

Inquire about transfer services.
Most hotels and resorts in Boracay offer boat transfers to and from the area to Caticlan, along with van services, so make sure you inquire about these on your initial hotel hunting inquiries.

Dine in delight.
Boracay offers most of the conveniences you will find inside a city, that features a myriad dining option. Fastfood chains and gourmet brands like Yellow Cab, Cyma, and Starbucks can be found for the island. You’ll also find local eateries and stalls offering fresh seafood dishes, tasty desserts, and all things in between.

Get around easily.
The main modes of transportation in Boracay are tricycles, which you’ll want to hail anywhere in Boracay’s main roads. You can also go D’Mall where you can ride a tricycle while watching small grocery called Budget Mart.

Party enjoy yourself.
It’s a known idea that in addition to relaxing and experiencing different aquatic events activities, people come here given that they desire to experience partying Boracay-style. The island is teeming with party hotspots where one can enjoy dancing and drinking the night time away. If it’s your first time here it is better should you be which has a gang of friends, and in a very place near your hotel. Just remember to maintain the drinking to a minimum, avoid trouble, and never accept casual invitations from people you just met.

Always maintain your valuables safe.
Especially phones, wallets, and plain tickets. There are banks with ATMs for the island so don’t bring an excessive amount of cash when out partying or punching the beaches. Some hotels have in-room safe which you could stash your important items.