Who desires to offer an adventure!? Want to feel the essence of running your adrenaline rush through your veins? It is like a mixed sense of excitement, fear, and happiness when you experience the white water rafting with the city. It is one of the “City of Golden Friendship’s” (Cagayan De Oro City) prides in the Philippines. It is located inside the northern part of Mindanao. The river may serve as the natural boundary between your Province of Bukidnon and Lanao del Norte and between Bukidnon and also the city. The name in the river is Kalambaguhan River and its particular headwaters are found inside the central portion of Bukidnon.

The white water rafting centers are set in perfect naturally made rivers, plus, it is rather affordable along with the adventure will be worth returning. The places are incredibly natural, the flows of water are wonderful, along with the people are fantastic. It seems that the river was built by God to the type of adventure. Even though it may seem like an extremely dangerous adventure, however, you won’t worry because were guided by experts.

You will also have your individual safety gear like life vests, helmets, and dry bags for your electronics as well as other valuables. They have 2 kinds of adventures, this will depend upon you to definitely decide what you like. You can choose the beginner’s course which has a nearer course compared to the advanced course which includes longer course and more exciting, but for beginner’s, I would suggest the 1st course, then the advanced.

Visit Cagayan de Oro’s White Water Rafting now, and feel it yourself. They also have different sort of exciting adventures and a lot of places to check out too. If you like extreme adventures, then visit Cagayan De Oro City. You will shout for that extreme adrenaline rush after you feel it.