A Botswana safari can be better defined as unblemished, extensive and simply beautiful. Being respected by its countrymen, the country offers one of the richest wildlife in the African continent. The country symbolizes serenity of natural beauty, clarity of ecology, and low impact tourism.

Anyone who loves to witness diversity and unexpected beauty of the nature, Botswana could be the best destination for realizing dreams. The country invites a traveler to enjoy green wetlands, forested islands narrowing into riverbeds, and a stream of river lost somewhere into the sands of the Kalahari Desert. It is not wrong to call Botswana a happening, unexpected, and eye-catching country that has a lot to offer for your needs.

Botswana Safari Heaven

Being one of the greatest tourist destinations, Botswana is no doubt one of Africa’s one of the mesmerizing places to witness the raw face of the nature. Interestingly, the country’s about more than 17% of area is devoted to National Parks or Game Reserves which total in excess of 100,000km.

Some of the popular places to explore in Botswana include Okavango Delta region, offering a rare combination of a maze of waterways, islands, and lakes, Moremi Wildlife Refuge in Okavango has a wide variety of wildlife, flora and fauna.

Other interesting traveling destinations of Botswana are following:
– National Parks and Game Reserves
– Kalahari Desert
– Gemsbok National Park
– Tuli Block
– Khama Rhino Sanctuary

Besides, visiting to some of the astonishing places in Botswana, you can also experience activities that will thrill your senses to the maximum:

– Flying in a hot-air balloon.
– Fishing in Okavango Delta and Chobe river systems.
– Experience Botswana’s culture in a historic village called Serowe.

Botswana is a complete tourist attraction that simply binds a traveler to experience its specialties!