Picture this scenario. You bought an incredibly junkie little car. She only cost a number of hundred dollars and she or he lasted that you simply while-until you could learn better transportation. Unfortunately, you had several unexpected costs surface. Maybe your pet needed to be put down or needed life-saving surgery. Maybe you needed important surgery.

Whatever it was, you certainly weren’t finding a new car. Then your current junkie one, whom you were growing quite partial to in her final years, started acting up. In fact, she blew not merely one or two, but several head gaskets. Go figure, huh? Now you can’t obtain a new car and also you don’t have your junk one. Gaskets cost quite a bit as well-you might obtain a better junkie car, except there’s no money to the.

However, it comes with an alternative that simply might work: beach cruisers. If you don’t know very well what a seaside cruiser is, a quite Google search should show you immediately. They are bikes, needless to say. But a seaside cruiser it not just virtually any bike. Beach cruisers were invented inside 20th century. They aren’t really all of that old-haven’t quite hit a hundred, ought to be fact. But their legacy holds a lot more weight than their youth. A beach cruiser is different from your regular bike, for starters.

It is a great deal heavier and it absolutely was not made with money in mind. They were designed so that people could buy affordable, durable, strong transport that might get them from point a to suggest b, inside Great Depression. These bikes aren’t just heavier than ones, in addition they have different wheels. The wheels of beach cruisers are thicker, to start with. The inner tubes are bigger and the tires are christened “balloon tires”. Nowadays, beach cruisers are used primarily for recreation.

However, you can use them as transportation (depending on how far your destination is). On the other hand, a seaside cruiser is significantly sturdier than most bikes and over willing to make trip.

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