The Philippines is renowned for its beautiful islands. One of the popular vacation spots in the united states is Palawan. The province is home to endangered and rare plant life and animals. Studded with about a thousand islands in the area, Palawan can also be famous to be the superior destination for island hopping tours.

El Nido is amongst the many managed resource protected areas within the Philippines. It is approximately 260 miles southwest of Manila. The town has 18 barangays and about 45 islands rolling around in its coastline. According to locals, it was not until 1979 when El Nido was accidentally discovered. A group of divers were instructed to dock in an inlet and wakened to towering cliffs as well as a beautiful pristine sand beach. Since then, local and foreign tourists have flocked for this small town to have what it really has got to offer- a great adventure for some of the beautiful islands.

Here is really a short list of some of the islands and sites you’ll visit once you book an El Nido package with island hopping tour.

Miniloc Island
The smaller than average big lagoons can be found in Miniloc island. It was considered that the lagoons were section of a cave that collapsed countless in the past. An El Nido package can sometimes include snorkeling gear and kayak rentals. If you would like to visit snorkeling in the small lagoon, make sure to wear aqua shoes. You may accidentally get on some sharp corals. Aside from being bigger in dimensions than the Small Lagoon, the important lagoon can also be deeper than the Small Lagoon. Don’t forget to put on an existence vest if you need to take a dip in the area.

Matinloc Island
The famous Secret Beach can be found at Matinloc Island. To get to the beach, you’d ought to swim underwater via a narrow opening. Once you’ve entered the sinkhole, the beach floor will drop abruptly that it will be simple for you to stand and walk the rest of the strategy to the tiny shore.
You won’t need to worry about entering the secrets beach. The island hopping tour that comes with an El Nido package incorporates a service associated with an experienced and knowledgeable tour guide.

Dilumacad Island
Most popularly called Helicopter island, Dilumacad island provides a long stretch of powdery pristine beach. This is often the last island within the itinerary. Many tourists would spend other afternoon only at that island just already there and having a tan.

An El Nido package promises a fun-filled vacation for any traveler. Get your snorkeling gear and swimwear ready for the day trip to the sea as well as the tropical islands of Palawan!