Now that I’ve been surviving in the Philippines for nearly five months, I have learned considerably about travelling over the country. Although some tips are similar everywhere, there are a few specific towards the Philippines due to the uniqueness.

The Philippines is a poor but developing country with lots of of the inhabitants capable of speak English. This makes the country unique to the region plus a great tourist area for many Europeans, Australians, and Americans. However, it usually is important to be safe and be familiar with travelling the united states before venturing to this great land of seven-thousand islands.

Tips for Traveling inside the Philippines
Avoid bringing valuables. Theivery is typical and not simply towards foreigners but additionally towards locals. Avoid bringing jewelry and other expensive accessories anytime you can. Wear light clothing. The Philippines is really a tropical country with hot weather. Try to wear loose and light-weight colored clothing whenever feasible.

Although, there are a few exceptions to the, like Baguio and also other mountainous regions. Know your surroundings. If you are in a very crowded place, protect your wallet, cellphone, and bag from pickpockets.

Carry your wallet and cellphone with your front pocket. Front pockets are much harder for pick pockets than back pockets. Taxis aren’t always safe. Find a reputable taxi service, be aware of rates, and specifically what to do. Also, don’t share your cab with strangers. Seek aid from an area friend anytime you can. If you know someone inside the Philippines, even through online communication, try to find out as much as possible about prices, locations, and also other details crucial that you your journey.

Don’t be afraid must questions. If you need help, don’t be afraid must. Many Filipinos speak English, make the most of it and seek help whenever needed. Learn some Tagalog. Even though many Filipinos speak English, it is mostly a language spoken only with the educated. Be sure to learn “kaliwa” (left) and “kanan” (right) for tricycles and pedicabs. Also “magkano ito?” (how much can it be?) you can get an extended ways in stores.

Don’t carry more cash than you will want. Pick pockets and holdups are normal. Avoid losing more income than you otherwise would. Use promos. Airlines, hotels, and resorts all have amazing promos all year round. Save a little bit of money by booking through these promotions.

Try using these tips for your next vacation for the Philippines. You’ll be safer, smarter, and save some of your respective hard-earned cash.