One in the attractive islands that Bohol is truly satisfied with could be the Cabilao Island. The island is in the western portion in the main island in the middle in the vast Cebu Strait. One in the smaller Philippine Islands, there’s an approximate 8 square kilometers, laid-back lifestyle along with a peaceful community.

You might be wondering how Tourism can creep into this small island? Well, though small, it’s three known dive spots: the Lighthouse, the Cambaquiz Point and also the South Point, that put this Cabilao island for the list from the top Bohol tourist destinations. Scuba diving and snorkeling for this island is so much rewarding.
Moreover, the tiny island provides same white sandy beaches like every other in Bohol. It is additionally been declared being a Marine Park/ Reserve by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). For the conservation of these, some penalties and fees are applied.

Bohol’s only natural lake, Lake Lanao can also be perfectly located at the island, near Pantudlan and possesses become a sanctuary for birds. With a telescope taking place possibly at an incredibly closeness, it is possible to catch specific visuals of numerous types of birds. Hunting of birds is strictly prohibited for the island. Thus, more type of these flying creatures is seen here than another places in Bohol.

Away in the pressures from the city, the tranquility of the place can be an attraction on its own. The lush greeneries complement every stroll, seeing children playing or adults herding few goats or perhaps a cow. Nothing disturbs its tranquility and it’s really a very important thing. Unlike Panglao, the region has neither mass tourism nor any major commercialization, rendering it clean and really peaceful.

Dare your courage, try Scuba diving, excite your vision while using teeming marine life around the area when you snorkel and unwind with the raw attractiveness of nature at its best. Savor the main difference here at Cabilao Island.