While the next largest island of Samar may be divided to a few provinces way back when, nothing comapres to the charm of Capul Island in Northern Samar. The northernmost area has it all- a rich history, bountiful scenery and endless selections for adventures.

An Island of Origin
Capul is really a cradle of stories, a destination for travelers even from eons ago. Acapulco galleons journeying from their spice route would’ve Capul as their first landfall after bravely crossing the Pacific for months. Indeed, very few are aware that the name “Capul” originated the name “Acapulco”, so rich the link between the two.
The charming island was one of the primary places evangelized by the Spanish friars, and yes it maintains one of many oldest churches within the Philippine islands. Today the rustic Faro de Isla Capul, or fortress church in Capul island, stands as a witness from pirate attacks and shipping trades, overlooking a scenery so lush and breathtaking, its like being transported in another time.

Simple Offerings in the Best
While standing on the right path to Davao and following you Philippines travel guide, you could possibly remember Northern Samar like a stop or possibly a gateway with a other destination. But in the chance, the province, especially Capul Island, can surprise you with hidden adventures and picturesque views.

Powdery sand beaches and abundant seafood are promised to tourists in love with silence and solitude, while being joined by progressively more kayakers, wind surfers and scuba divers. Clear blue shores are a normal for your shy, smiling islanders, offering lobsters and freshly-caught fish only hours and minutes before.

Tunnels where World War 2 Japanese war bunkers are situated provide a surreal experience, while a watch tower over 400 years of age shows the extremes the area will offer. Even so, life in Capul Island can be a slower pace of life, a breather. It is true whatever they say: it is often a hidden gem within the chest of Philippines travel information.

Surfing is a treat and fishing on your own picnics is very fun and common. Light cave explorations are a must after lunch; an travel of your life awaits in seeing natural stalactites and stalagmites- thousands hidden about the ceilings while others hit through the light. Amazing sunsets are certain to bowl anyone over. Couples retreat here to have long walks inside the beach, sunrises and breezes. It sounds so simple, when offered the best, nothing can compare. It is a romantic and silent getaway as well as a aquatic sports indulgence spot, surfing and snorkeling strongly suggested.

The panorama not merely consists in the San Bernardino strait, but also visible inside the horizon could be the Mayon Volcano, still majestic healthy from far away Legaspi. Offering another but equally lush view are underwater coral reefs, pure and untampered by civilization, teeming with small fishes and sea life.

Savoring Life
For island-hoppers, Capul Island is just a stop coming from a chain of numerous islands dotting the primary province, nevertheless for low-key, sit-back and relax types, Capul should never be more perfect as one of our Philippines travel tips. It has a semi-spartan life and also the breezes are solemn, historical and wistful.

For a lot of vacationers, this is just too perfect. The sun, sky and sea meets together and formed just a little paradise. Capul Island is indeed a getaway to the final letter. It remains a secret to the people who appreciate it, and they are sure keeping their lips sealed.

But of course mention it on the Provincial Tourism Office and also you would glad in college. Northern Samar is merely a couple of hours from Manila by plane, although also accessible by car. A short boat trip to the island after will transport you to a time and place there is a constant knew existed.