The Tarsier Trail

Tarsier called the “world’s smallest monkey” also viewed as the second-smallest primate on Earth is indigenous here in Bohol. You may also possess the possibility to interact these rare species. The tarsier trails will even send you to places and you’ll discover flowers and other unique flora that is rich in this place.

Bohol is probably the most attractive tourist destinations within the Philippines. The next time you look at the Philippines, remember to see this cool place. It has all sorts of beaches, fishing and scuba spots you do not want to miss.

Bohol is Central Visayas, south of Manila, near Cebu. It is popular internet marketing home of earth’s smallest monkey, the Tarsier. Tourists regularily go to the Chocolate Hills, which turns brown and green from the is also recognized because of its historical churches which are built back inside the 1500’s.

Bohol was definitely the right destination to have my vacation, I thought, and I was right. I went along to Bohol in addition to my children, and stayed there for 4 days. There was never a dull moment here, everywhere you appear, it never ceases to excite you. During our first day, we enjoyed ourselves from the beach, we also watched birds, dolphins and whales. It was very relaxing. The following days, we visited historical sights, such as the old churches and museums. After the touring, there is certainly one else we were missing, diving! I love deep-sea diving, making this probably the most fun part to me. We finished our vacation with some sailing and fishing. The wind was pretty light and cool, though we was without a good catch, it turned out simply fascinating.

What do I think with Bohol? It was great, definitely a must see place for tourists. It is one of the few places within the Philippines where one can spend per day with nature without getting bothered by pesky city noise. I would definitely visit again if I possess the time. I thank each of the people that assisted us in our stay, we appreciate you your hospitality. We enjoyed our stay greatly!