Deep in the middle of the Davao Gulf, almost seemingly cradled inside the waters and surrounding land mass that is Mindanao, lies Samal. Formed from the three municipalities of Babak, Peaplate and Kaputian, the Island Garden City of Samal, its real official name, is among the prime destination places in the country.

But what sets it apart form other tropical islands and sightseeing attractions inside the Philippines are the remarkable conditions that convert it into a flawless attraction inside the south.

First of, Samal Island unsurprisingly is really a seaside island, boasting of your more that the hundred kilometers of coastline. Crystal clear waters tapering of majestic blue is often a sight that is home; it is rather common here. It is also blessed with plenty mountain ranges, hills and trails, although physically unattached on the other Davao del Norte province.

And the next thunderstorm condition is obviously perfect. A mean annual temperature of 26.9 degrees C saves the island from typhoons and monsoons. While other other travel spots are affected by occasional storms, ruining the trip on most vacationers, Samal is pretty storm free.

The Island Garden City of Samal or normally called IgaCoS, has two animal sanctuaries, and visiting them is often a must. IgaCoS has recently entered the Guinness World Record to the Largest Colony of Geoffrey’s Rousette Fruit Bats. Barangay Andanao, a coastal town, is often a fish sanctuary that is now banking on its features like a beach town and underwater wildlife tourist spot.

And wonderful that shoreline, beaches aren’t an issue. All 46 possibly even commercial beaches,not including private ones, are all there to supply water activities. There is Kembali Coast Samal, a Balinese-inspired residential and resort project to find out also the celebrated Buenavista Island Resort along with the Pacific Little Secret. The Barcelo Pearl farm especially is famous for its luxurious accommodations. It is consistent to being to being the most effective resorts inside the country, with architecture by famed architect Francisco Manosa, who also designed the famous Amanpulo in Palawan. The Samal Casino Resort is soon to start soon, a million-peso enterprise that could offer casino adventures to tourists that will come.

For those that really wants to go away and locate another type of water spot, the Hagimit Falls is really a spectacular view hidden in the woods and surrounded by rock formations.

Add compared to that all 7 surrounding islets, then island transfers via a boat ride happens to be a must within this typhoon sheltered haven. Scuba diving is a given. Prepare for each of the sights the reefs have to make available. The Sanipaan shoal, an 80 hectare sandbar that disappear over a higher tide, is really a marvel to visit. It is almost as in case you are living inside the middle of the ocean.

Spelunking can be a side of IgaCoS that is certainly sometimes overshadowed with the light-bountiful beaches. The island has over seventy known travel caves of different sizes and difficulty, so spelunkers would be in much awe over traveling here.

For adventure lovers, Samal is a paradise. They have recently made efforts to be environmental friendly and green, much that there is really a small charge in visiting only to sustain this green development. Green Tourism is a government-pushed tactic to simultaneously attract tourists and preserve the treasures nature bestowed them.
The Island City is so confident n the name that it is depicted inside their logo, official documents and tourism materials. It is one particular places you will need to see- an incomparable tropical paradise.