Sagada, Philippines is oftentimes identified as “Shangri-la” by those that go to the place. The description isn’t a major accident – indeed, in just the boundaries of 1, the tiniest towns in Mountain Province are some natural and man-made attractions which are feasts on the eyes, hearts, and souls of the residents and visitor.
The following could also be used as a checklist of what to see for all those coming to the place:

1. Sumaging Cave – this gigantic limestone cave is big this means you will take more than a half-day absolutely explore the area. Make sure to bring a tiny snack and dry set of clothes to utilize.

2. Bomod-ok Falls – this huge falls is just about 2 hours hike from your town center. Enjoy the cool waters with the foot with the falls. On one occasion captured in nationwide TV, a person proposed to his girlfriend on the waterfalls.

3. Mission Compound – enjoy the pine-covered walk from St. Mary’s School to the St. Mary’s Church – Sagada’s Anglican Church that was built through the Japanese after World War II.

4. Lake Danum – go berry picking and enjoy the gentle breeze and outdoors at Lake Danum. This place may be used to film a Filipino romance movie.

5. Mt. Ampacao – find morning by trekking to Sagada’s highest peak. Bring a packed lunch to take pleasure from at the top with the mountain.

6. Kiltepan Rice Terraces – the rice terraces on the boundary of 3 of Sagada’s barangays will be the subject of beautiful postcards for its expansive and artistic engineering.

7. Bokong Waterfalls – though smaller than the one in Bomod-ok, this waterfalls is nearer for the town center and therefore, much easier to visit. Try to perform a running jump through the side of your mountain in the cool waters of the 20-foot pool.

8. Underground River – stick to the underground river as it snakes its way into a cave and out again.

9. Sagada Restaurants – the town is slowly being regarded as being a food-lovers destination. A weekend buffet with a French chef is often a must-experience. The Yoghurt House restaurant has become visited with a Philippine president.

10. Sagada Weaving – require a part of Sagada with you home by dropping by the Sagada Weaving shop.

11. Hanging Coffins – these final resting places is not something for people who fear heights. Sagada is in all likelihood the only town inside the whole Philippines that features a burial place inside face of limestone cliffs.