Boracay is among the best pristine sand beaches on the globe. Famous for it’s amazing beauty and extravagance, this small island within the Philippines has swarmed with lots of people every year. Boracay Island is located inside Visayan the main Philippines, in Caticlan Island in the Iloilo province. Boracay will be visited both locals and foreign whenever you want of the season.

The island is generally visited in the Christmas season the industry perfect option for holiday vacationers. Also, through the months of May to June while taking their summer vacations, though the heat with the sun is quiet strong of these months. From July to November may be the rainy season inside Philippines and it isn’t favorable to attend the beach, though they offer the cheapest fees through these months, so one can try going to Boracay when it’s not raining hard. The months October to November work best months to view a beautiful sunsets in Boracay.

Here will be the ways regarding how to reach Boracay:

By the RO-RO – this is a kind of shipping boat that carries cargoes and passengers to the different provinces in the Philippines. Once they get off the RO-RO, travelers would then rent a van going to Iloilo then another bus ride to Caticlan, then another ferry ride gonna Boracay. most in the locals would rather ride within the RO-RO because it costs cheaper than the plane rides.

Via plane – from Manila; capital of the Philippines, it’s possible to go to the domestic airport and board a jet likely to Kalibo Airport. This is the quickest way to go to Boracay islands. The flight from Manila to Kalibo is going to take about 45 minutes. There would then be another bus ride to succeed in Caticlan and after that to Boracay islands via boat rides.

Ferry rides – ferry rides are exciting to see. One can take advantage of the beauty with the Philippine Sea while riding their approach to the Boracay beach. First, you should be able to Mindoro Province via ferry after which another ride using the big “banca” or boat that may sail through Roxas City along with the move on to the Tablas Island after which another banca or ferry to consider one to the Boracay beach. It is quiet an extended ride, but one will definitely enjoy and have fun while within the trip.