Have you ever considered the Philippines as a honeymoon destination? Do you want to locate a place in places you and your sweetheart can spend quality time together without spending an excessive amount of? Well, the Philippines is simply best for you. It offers a great deal of beautiful and peaceful destinations at reasonable prices, quality of service and satisfaction just isn’t compromised.

The Philippines’ untouched islands which mostly come in Palawan are the perfect destinations for newlyweds, second honeymooners and anniversary celebrations. Palawan has become called the “island in the gods” and it just isn’t without reason, the spectacular sea and landscapes of Palawan; especially at El Nido, provides the impression of seeing heaven’s beauty in the world. Acknowledged as the Philippines’ last frontier, Palawan is essential see for the traveler who appreciates the majesty and splendor of nature. And one with the main reason I recommend taking into consideration the Philippines as a honeymoon destination.

The world-famous beaches of the Boracay Island are situated off the north-western tip of Panay Island, Philippines. Aside from scuba, snorkelling & sunbathing, perhaps the most common sight round Boracay Island is sailing on slender hulled boats called Paraw. There is an abundance of nightlife activities on Boracay Island, with plenty of clubs and pubs down the beaches. One romantic activity you’re able to do together is explore the sunken forest.

In fact, you need to please take a private plane going to these islands to witness the serenity and beauty with the place. Most from the islands inside the Philippines aren’t as crowded as Boracay.

If you need a greater a higher level privacy consider visiting one from the other islands. The Philippines, a tropical country comprised by almost 7, 000 or higher islands are great for those couples who wishes to spend some time together like long walks on the beach, warm conversation with a bonfire, and rest together with a hammock using the full view with the beach, or even an intimate dinner and a glass of champagne afterward.

If you happen to be thinking twice on going to the Philippines because of communication problems, well, the continent could be the third largest English speaking country around the world. Filipinos is probably not the top English speakers, however they are good. More so, they may be good a beachside lounge chair in accommodating visitors, most importantly the foreigners for Filipinos are known for their hospitality.

The romantic locations in this country are inviting and irresistibly tempting especially when you plus your special someone are alone on an island. If spending time together on a tropical island is the idea from the perfect romantic getaway-consider the Philippines like a honeymoon destination?