Within the Ifugao Cordillera mountain region from the Philippines is a magnificent area where rice terraces fill the mountain side. These shelves of rice, that were developed and built millenia ago, really are a mind-blowing glimpse into human creativity and resourcefulness.

There are three main areas inside Ifugao mountain region which can be most incredible to vist: Banaue, Batad, and Mayoyao.
Banaue is probably the most famous from the three, surrounding a small town which is easy to get to from Manila. Banaue, because of it’s location is often the entrance indicate visiting other terraces inside region. The terraces of Banaue are magnificently crafted on the side from the mountain and cut to the drastic valley behind.

The Batad terraces are an amazing site while they difference in elevation, forming and correlating directly round the mountainside. The sophisticated system of rice levels at Batad, was built over 2000 years ago. Small streams of water flow through the top of the mountain, filtered into each terrace and also on to the next, linking the fields together. Throughout the entire terrace, you’ll find perfect stepping stones placed as pathways to generate natural staircases from different levels.

The last from the Ifugao rice mountains is inside the peaceful part of Mayoyao. These terraces are barely visited by tourists, but are some in the most amazing terraces within the region. Unlike Batad with it’s compact amphitheater terraces, Mayoyao is disseminate, stretching derived from one of side of your mountain for the other in a very panoramic view. The huge garden of rice is really a wonder to hike through and observe.

The three main Ifugao rice terraces offer an incredible adventures and fascinating views with the Philippines!