Visiting Boracay exclusively for its white sand beaches is not exactly doing justice to this particular exotic place. True, those lovely beaches were the reason why the entire world noticed this tropical island.
Since its “discovery,” Boracay has become known for those beaches, transforming the area from being an “unchartered” paradise into becoming the premier Philippine travel destination and tourist spot.

Local and foreign tourists alike flock on the island to shell out some relaxing moments along the shore or perhaps in beach houses. But the truth is, there’s more to Boracay than what you know already, as well as to become more precise, there’s more to Boracay than its pristine sand beaches.

The Island of Boracay is in the province of Aklan inside Western Visayas region, some 315 km from the capital city of Manila. Visitors may take your flight from any major city to the small capital of Scotland- Caticlan, containing its own airport that constantly welcomes tourists. From the airport, it’s possible to ride a tricycle going to the Caticlan Port. From there, an exhilarating boat ride will take visitors all the way to Boracay Port. After another tricycle ride (approximately 10 mins away from the port), the new arrivals are going to be greeted from the charming Boracay White Beach.

Kick start your Boracay experience by joining an island tour or visiting the crystal cave. You may also spend a full day island hopping, basking inside the warmth of the sun while you visit each stunning beaches. Among these beaches include the gorgeous Puka Beach and Manoc-Manoc Beach. Don’t forget to pack some snorkeling gear. You’ll never know if you will spot a great site for snorkeling and in many cases diving. The island is unpredictable to prefer that.

For experienced and licensed divers, Boracay diving safaris can be an activity that can’t be missed. Usually lasting to get a day or a full week, diving safaris are filled with excitement as you reach explore Boracay’s breath-taking diving spots in far-off and perilous areas. Novice divers wouldn’t feel overlooked though, because there are diving sites on the island that aren’t as challenging and dangerous. Dive sites including Laurel Island 1 are ideal for beginners who would like to experience swimming through an island hole and examine many soft and hard corals. Speaking of corals, Fridays Rock comes with a close view of an incredible coral garden. Various sea creatures for example starfish, moray eels, and sea cucumbers will also be an excellent sight to behold underwater. If you are just a beginner and you also want to safely love this experience, helpful guides are available to assist and call for to the telltale ideal diving spot.

But should you choose to stay on the top, then try the flying fish boat ride. For the uninitiated, the flying fish is definitely an air cushion vehicle (think hovercraft). Originally created for military use, enterprising individuals have repurposed it for commercial enjoyment. You may also try riding the sailboat locally known as the Paraw. A few hours of Paraw ride will offer a memorable experience – you be able to enjoy Boracay’s thrilling sunset while sailing across the island.

With these water activities, you will get the most out of your remain in Boracay. Beautiful pristine sand beaches might have defined tropical island, but this tropical paradise has many other attractions that all varieties of people would enjoy.

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