Off the northern shores of Camiguin is often a popular sand bar called White Island. If you want to detach yourself from your buzz of city life, this is probably where to be. White Island is totally covered with fine pristine sand and encompassed by clear seawater. There are no trees, no bars and restaurants. It is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, and total relaxation.

White Island is popular because of its sensitivity to the ocean tide. At high tide, the region would seem smaller. This is what excited me and my pals. So after checking within our resort at Camiguin, we immediately booked a trip planning to White Island. We originally desired to spend per day there but we arrived in Camiguin at lunchtime. We simply was required to settle which has a half-day lodge at this famous sand bar. But it was meant to become! There are no shades in the island apart from several cottages that are anchored close to the shorelines. Locals recommend to visit very early inside the morning or late inside the afternoon to prevent the glaring heat in the hired a boat to take us to

The price from the boat ride depends upon which resort you’re staying in. We stayed at Golden Sunset Beach Resort and was charged Php500 for the round trip. A one-way ride is around 5 minutes. We attained White Island at 3pm no matter the length of time we desired to stay, we were required to leave before 6pm. There is no electricity in the island. It relied mainly on the sun’s rays for light. Of course the boats will make you there in the event you insist in staying. But there is no chance you will be able to travel back to your resort if in the middle of the night you alter your mind.

Our 2-hour be in White Island was perfect. I didn’t want to burden myself from re-applying sunscreen every hour. If you want to travel sunbathing, I suggest you bring your individual big umbrella to shield yourself through the sun. There are no beach chairs with out umbrellas. You may also wish to bring your own personal food if you happen to be planning to remain there longer. Although there are occasional food vendors, they aren’t always present.
Mount Hibok Hibok, Mount Mambajao, with an old volcano function as backdrops to White Island.